IFRBC Ladies' Fall Seminar*

(11/10/89 - 11/11/89)

Mrs. Doris Jennings (DJ) -- Index of Teachings

-  Quotes from Judith Viorst: How Did I Get to be Forty and Other Atrocities. Probably used in jest, but implication was that these are the things that a busy woman today is involved in: yoga & the lotus position/Primal Scream therapy/ventilation therapy/self-centeredness & self-gratification/consciousness raising.

-  Wife of IFRBC State Rep. confirms that the books ordered are available in the book room (books by Larry Crabb, Les Carter, etc.).

-  Quotes from Virginia Watt Smith: The Single Parent. We are products of the past -- "Write that down on your mental chalkboard, because you'll need that to make it through" (Freudian psychic determinism).

-  Quotes from Larry Crabb: Inside Out

(a) Get rid of the idea that obedient Christians should feel good all the time.

(b) Simple fact we must face is that "something is wrong with everything."

(c) "Life is unspeakably sad!" (DJ doesn't credit this quote to Crabb, but it's from Inside Out).

(d) The last quote is supposedly "supported" by John 16:33.

-   Recommended as a "must read" book for 1990 reading -- Norman Cousins: An Anatomy of an Illness. DJ uses this book as her authority for her teachings on stress. DJ agrees with Cousins that the most serious health problem of our time is stress, and that stress causes everything from alcoholism, to family breakdown, to symptoms of "conversion hysteria" (the latter term given credibility by a teacher of Freud). In addition, DJ has come up with a multitude of things that cause stress (such causes ranging from empty-nest syndrome, to PMS, to guilt, to rejection, to vitamin deficiency, etc.); according to DJ, poor self-image is also a major cause of stress.

-  DJ asserts that psychologists are referring to "tapes of memory" (a.k.a. the Freudian unconscious) that can cause genuine stress. She claims to have learned this from a Minirth & Meier clinic presentation she attended in Chattanooga, taught by Les Carter. The concept of "tapes of memory that keep playing in our mind," is clearly Freudian; the proposed cure (so-called) for the uncontrolled playback of these tapes is usually healing of the memories, an occultic technique gaining wide acceptance throughout the professing church today.

-  Lists many other "psychological, physical, and other causes of stress in our lives." According to DJ, "Stress has been called the disease of the '80s and it affects every one of us."

-  Highly recommends Randy & Nancy Alcorn: Women Under Stress -- "... one of the most practical books you'll ever, ever, ever read, and that's not an understatement; that's the truth." Some of the "practical" insights from this book are that stress is the accumulation of all previous demands on us during our lives, and that stress is cumulative in that it resides in the memory to be triggered at some future date (Freudian unconscious/psychic determinism again).

-  Recommends Les Carter: The Missing Peace. Les Carter is a Freudian psychologist on the staff at the Minirth & Meier Clinic in Dallas. This book was available at the book table! DJ goes into a detailed explanation of Carter's concept of the five most stressful emotions (should perhaps be called the five most sinful emotions): pride/fear/loneliness/inferiority/anger, and adds two more of her own: depression/worry -- "These are the emotions that cause us the most stress in our lives."

-  DJ claims that people who apologize all of the time do so because of inferiority that has caused false guilt.

-  DJ claims that, "depression has been called the common cold of psychological disorders."

-  Quotes Maxwell Maltz -- "Forgiveness is the scalpel which removes emotional scars."

-   DJ's cure for depression is to stop thinking negatively, but she's, "not talking about clinical depression where you really need professional help."

-  Recommends Minirth & Meier's: Happiness is a Choice as "good philosophy."

-  DJ encourages self-talk therapy (originally an occultic technique pioneered by Emile Coue in the early 1900s, it has been brought into the church in a form little different from Positive Confession) and visualization (an occultic technique practiced by shamans and witch doctors for thousands of years, now in the church in many forms, primarily through healing of the memories/inner healing). DJ supports the use of self-talk by claiming that this is what David was talking about in Psalm 4:4 ("commune with your heart"). "We have to talk to ourselves rather than listening to ourselves," according to DJ.

-  DJ gives us the key to dealing with emotions of inferiority: "We have to remember we're royalty." It's very important to dress well according to DJ -- She dresses well, "because I'm royalty; I dress like a daughter of the King! answers all of our questions as far as I'm personally concerned. I'm royalty and that's the way I dress."

-  Quotes from Virginia Watts Smith: The Single Parent: "We need to have a good self-image because we are made in the image of God. To do otherwise would be to portray a negative God." -- "Isn't that a great thought!"

-  DJ claims that it is important for us to have good self-esteem because we belong to the King -- if people see us negative, they won't want our God because we portray Him as negative.

-  DJ describes Jesus Christ as, "the perfectly balanced One is also the stress expert."

-  One more glowing endorsement of, and a further exhortation to buy, Women Under Stress by Randy and Nancy Alcorn.

* IFRBC is the Indiana Fellowship of Regular Baptist Churches, a state organizarion affiliated with the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches (GARBC). An IFRBC Ladies' seminar is held every year in the fall, and is an official event sanctioned by the GARBC. The IFRBC State Representative at the time was Randy Patten, now executive director of the National Association of Neouthetic Counselors (NANC).

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