Are There Cultural Aspects of the Bible?*

(and, thereby, Portions of Scripture Not Applicable for Today?)


"... as we approach the Scriptures and interpret it, we interpret it in a literal or normal way according to the rules of grammar in light of the historical setting in which it was given by God. We need to be very careful we don't write-off portions of the Word -- [saying] 'That was cultural.' Because everything in the Word of God was cultural -- it was written within the culture within which it was given.

"So the cultural arguments simply become an excuse [for some] to reject whatever portion of the Word of God that does not fit with what [they and] the world ... [are] doing in this area today. The Word of God transcends culture ... What is important here is that it is God giving these instructions. Some say, 'Well, these portions simply reflect the cultural practices of that period of time.' That is a denial of the inspiration of the Scriptures."

* Taken from a sermon titled Family Fitness: Equal But Different, preached 4/24/88 (Gil Rugh).

Biblical Discernment Ministries - 4/88