Tolerating False Teachers/Apostates in the Church*

"Note the seriousness here -- the believers were tolerating them [the false teachers]. Now, that's the awfulness of it. It's not amazing that there'd be men of this character [in the church]. The tragedy is that believers are tolerant of these individuals! ...What happens when they're tolerated is they come in [into the church]. And you know what they are? They're hidden reefs ... unsuspecting believers then crash on them. And their faith is upset and their life is ruined. That's why you cannot tolerate it [false teaching] among believers.

"You allow this hidden reef for an unsuspecting Christian to crash on, and often it's done under the guise and in the name of "love." It's loving to set-up a reef for a Christian to be smashed on? Not on your life! You know what it is? -- it's cowardice on the part of believers. They don't want to deal with it [false teaching], so they say it wouldn't be loving. You know what they're afraid of? -- they're afraid of the battle.

"That's why Jude says, 'contend earnestly.' You've got to deal with it. You can't be tolerant of it ... When you think of how deceived believers have been -- you have to sift them [the apostates] very carefully through the Scriptures."

* Taken from a commentary on Jude 12a, preached 3/15/81 (Gil Rugh).

Biblical Discernment Ministries - 3/81