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-  Ron Blue is the head of Ronald Blue & Co., a financial advisory firm with offices in Atlanta, Orlando, and Indianapolis. He is also founder and owner of Christian Financial Management. He is a C.P.A. and holds an MBA degree from Indiana University. Blue's wife, Judy, who has co-authored two books with him (Money Matters for Parents and their Kids and A Woman's Guide to Financial Peace of Mind) has a degree in Speech & Hearing Therapy from Indiana University, as well as an M.A. in Counseling & Guidance.

-  Ron Blue is one of the two so-called "Christian financial experts" so popular today (the other being Larry Burkett). Blue is probably best known for his book and video series, Master Your Money. He is also the popular author of several other books on financial management -- The Debt Squeeze [now renamed Taming the Money Monster], Money Matters for Parents and their Kids, Raising Money-Smart Kids, A Woman's Guide to Financial Peace of Mind, Sneakers From Heaven, and Storm Shelter. One of Blue's books (Money Matters for Parents and their Kids) has been endorsed by Gary Smalley (of left-brain/right-brain pseudoscience fame), another (Sneakers From Heaven) by Chuck Swindoll (pop-psychologizer and recommender of books by occultists and New Agers), and another (the 1991 edition of Master Your Money) by both Swindoll and Howard Hendricks (self-love advocate). In addition, Blue not only appears regularly on James Dobson's radio program (as well as being published by Focus on the Family Publishing -- The Debt Squeeze:1989), but also serves on the board of directors for Swindoll's Insight for Living and for Promise Keepers (see later in this report).

-  As for Blue himself, it is almost humorous the way he incorporates pop psychological ideas into his explanations of financial and economic phenomena. For example:

(a) In a February 1992 Moody Monthly article, Blue discusses the problems associated with the huge amount of consumer debt outstanding. A logical question for Christians would be, "How can I avoid getting into debt, and what are the causes of people overspending?" Blue has the answer: "If we look beyond overspending to the root cause, we often find a low self-esteem [Dobson], or a need for significance or approval [Crabb], which can trigger materialism" ("The Middle Income Muddle," p. 30). (Emphasis added.)

(b) In the August 1991 Focus On The Family magazine, Blue co-authored an article with his wife titled "A Woman's Guide to Financial Peace of Mind." In that article, adapted from the Blue's book by the same name, the Blues incorporate Larry Crabb's "need theology" into their idea of why men and women invest the way they do: "Women tend to be security-oriented in their attitude toward money, whereas men tend to be more motivated by a desire for significance. It's common, for example, for a husband to want to invest in the stock market while the wife wants to pay off the home mortgage. Men are driven more by the need to build something of significance than by the [woman's] desire to provide short-term security for their families" (p. 12). (Emphasis added.)

(c) In the February 1995 In Touch magazine (Charles Stanley's publication), speaking of his latest book at the time (Storm Shelter), Blue exhibits more Larry Crabb terminology: "The Christian who struggles with his or her finances needs to stop and ask: 'Where does my security and significance come from?...'"

-  Promise Keepers is the gigantic new (1991) "men's movement" among professing evangelical Christians. Its roots are Catholic and charismatic to the core. PK's contradictory stand on homosexuality; its promotion of secular psychology; its unscriptural feminizing of men; its depiction of Jesus as a "phallic messiah" tempted to perform homosexual acts; and its ecumenical and unbiblical teachings should dissuade any true Christian from participating. Promise Keepers is proving to be one of the most ungodly and misleading movements in the annals of Christian history. Nevertheless, Ron Blue is a promoter of this ecumenical, charismatic, psychologized men's movement -- he has spoken at PK conferences, has written articles for the PK monthly newsletter, PK promotes his books, and he is a member of PK's Board of Directors in 1996.

-  Blue is quite ecumenical in his associations and speaking appearances. Besides the previously detailed affiliation with Promise Keepers, Blue was also a scheduled speaker at CBN's (Pat Robertson's) 11/10/94-11/13/94 "Financial Success in the '90s" Conference (10/92, Charisma, p. 11; 4/1/96, Calvary Contender).

In addition, in endorsing ecumenical evangelist Luis Palau's 1991 book Say Yes!, Blue says: "I consider Luis Palau and the LPEA to be one of the vital forces in world evangelization today. ... The world needs more examples of men like Luis who with boldness and integrity communicate the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ." Palau is a Catholic sympathizer whose ecumenical message is heavily diluted with pop psychology and Arminian easy-believism.

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