Sex, Lies & ... the Truth

(Video produced by Focus On The Family)

"Sex, Lies & ... the Truth" is a 30-minute video promoting sexual abstinence before marriage, produced by Focus on the Family and shown in churches and schools throughout America. (James Dobson produced two versions, a "Christian" and a secular one to be shown in schools, etc. Dobson boasts that in the secular version "there were no references to God and religion in it.") The following analysis was prepared by Christian parents who watched the "Christian" version of the video when it was shown to the youth group at their local church in California:

1. The hosts of the video, Kurt & Chelsea Cameron, are movie stars that are posing as examples to youth viewing the video. They are both dressed in shorts; Kurt's are tight and Chelsea's are short-shorts cut up as short as they can go -- not great examples of what the Bible describes as modest dress. Kurt's character in his TV show was one of a good-looking, charming, flirtatious kid (i.e., worldly, not glorifying to God, and not to be looked up to.) It's "cool" and "positive" to be a virgin (worldly). He only gives himself glory, not God, by abstaining. Chelsea doesn't use her husband's last name (worldly). She is quoted as having the philosophy that, "Nothing that's good is easy" (What Scripture is that?) (1 Cor. 3:19-21).

2. Viewers are forced to look at bikini-clad bodies, G-strings, cleavage, demonic/evil faces and images, etc., to get the point. One of the quotes Chelsea Cameron made was, "You have to see the whole picture before you make a decision" (not true!). [We're trying to keep our youth "from" looking at these things in movies/television/magazines so they aren't tempted and fall into lust. When examples as these aren't used with Scripture, they can become glorified in and of themselves. They're exploiting wickedness to make the point instead of having nothing to do with it. In portraying the wrong side in this way, our youth are given instruction on how to rationalize sin (i.e., the young boys talking about using "double protection with a condom and diaphragm").] (Rom. 16:19b; Prv. 15:26; Eph. 5:3-12; Phil. 4:8-9)

3. The majority of points made to challenge the youth, over and over again, are scare tactics (i.e. pregnancy, AIDS/diseases, "There's no protection for a broken heart," etc.) which are used instead of "examples" of living a holy life for God, explaining Biblical principles, and that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit not to be sinned against. (Dobson uses the same modern marketing techniques as the world -- sex or fear.)

4. "Self-esteem" is used as follows: (1) The NFL athlete/instructor said you won't feel better about yourself (focusing on pleasing self, not God); (2) Darius McCrary (of the television show "Family Matters") said, "It's about respecting yourself and loving yourself enough"; (3) Oral Hersheiser said that if you've been sexually active in the past, "there may be a possibility of a new policy, a secondary virginity policy, now that you have the information," you can have a new virginity. He also said you can have your self-dignity back and can be self-controlled; (4) Chelsea said, "Look inside yourself and do what's right for you"; (5) Eric Mannes, founder of Virgin Pride, says he has a good self-image and is fine with the way he is. He's proud he's using his own willpower to abstain "so he won't get AIDS." (Where's the sinner's reliance on God's grace, power, and Holy Spirit to hate evil?)

5. Some Christian schools warn their students not to attend any sex/health education classes anywhere a public school district is used as an authority. Yet, the "Health-Ed Specialist for the Los Angeles Unified School District" was on the video as an authority!

6. The model says she stays a virgin "... so that when she gets to the altar, she can wear white and mean it." (What kind of a Biblical principle is that for our youth to remember? This, once again, appeals to the flesh.) It's "cool" and "positive" to be a virgin (worldly).

7. Dobson said safe sex is a false sense of security. Also, if you don't wear a condom properly, it will fail. The issue of sin wasn't even addressed by this "Christian leader." Yet, we are told this video is produced by a "Christian" ministry with "Christian" contributions.

8. Even if you abstain from sexual immorality, don't get pregnant, don't get a disease, and live until you're 90, if you're not born-again, you're going to hell! None of the celebrities in the video (with the exception of a few) seemed to be, or even claimed to be, Christians. The few times "God" was mentioned, it was generic and didn't refer to Jesus. No hope was given by any of the people who were dying, except for a prolonged physical death. There's no mention of dying spiritually, only physically. There was no gospel message given in entire video!!! (1 Cor. 2:10-16; John 17: 13-19; 2 Tim. 2:21)

Biblical Discernment Ministries - Revised 8/97