Mind's Eye - Critiqued

- The reader can belong to any religion and accept this song!
Parts in Bold Italic Mine.

Quoted: MIND'S EYE  - By DC Talk

You know what I'm going through
l know (that) it's true
Cause you've stood in my shoes

If its Jesus why not say so?

Desire's inside of me
But, it's hard to believe

What desires are you speaking of?

In what you cannot see
Can you catch the wind?
See a breeze?
Its presence is revealed by
The leaves on a tree
An image of faith in the unseen

Faith in what? In who?  This could easily be accepted by ANY religion or faith! This is typical of DC Talk -- completely vague!

In my mind's eye
I see your face
You smile
As you show me grace

Show me that I see someone, "In my mind's eye" this is outright NEW AGE terminology!! "I see your face," sounds exactly like the guided imagery being crammed down our kids throats in the public schools that Christians are fighting against! This IS NOT just symbolism presented by the lyric writer BUT the influence of New Age thinking revealed in them and through the music and wild video imagery going on at the same time as this song!

In my mind's eye
You take my hand
We walk through foreign lands
The foreign lands of life

More guided imagery! Or astral projection? You decide!

In my mind
I'm where I belong
As I rest in your arms
And like a child I hold on to you
In my moment of truth

What truth? Where is the truth here? "In my moment of truth" suggests that it is up to individual interpretation.  This is not God's truth!

We can ride the storm
Endure the pain
You comfort me in my hurricane

Who's "You?" This song does not even give an indication if they are referring to Jesus at all!.

And I'll never be alone again


In my mind I can see your face
Love pours down in a shower of grace
Life is a gift that you choose to give
And I believe that we eternally live

The writer speaks so fondly of grace and eternal life but gives no help in sharing how the listener can have the same. Completely devoid of scriptural content leaving the unsaved clueless of who they sing about.

Faith is the evidence of things unseen
People tell me that your just a dream
But they don't know you the way that I do
You're the one I live to pursue

What the writer has described is a fantasy of the mind or guided imagery.  Many people today do this as they meditate and speak to "Jesus" -- But I assure you this is not prayer but communion with a devil posing as a "Jesus." The ideas used are blatantly New Age in this song -- NO WHERE IN SCRIPTURE ARE WE EVER TAUGHT TO SEE JESUS "IN OUR MIND'S EYE!"

This is assuming the song is speaking of Jesus as the band claims. The listener is forced to guess what they speak of as they present only vague references to scripture. In fact, so vague that no religion would be offended! Why? Because all they need to do is visualize their religion's founder or God.  The Bible teaches:

2 Timothy 1:12 -13
"For the which cause I also suffer these things: nevertheless I am not ashamed: for I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day.  Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus."

I am not ashamed to say this song is positively NOT the form of sound words found in scripture!!!

2 Timothy 2:12
"If we suffer, we shall also reign with [him]: if we deny [him], he also will deny us:"

Lyrics like these instead of leading people to Christ lead them on a myriad of paths.  We live in a day where many religious leaders are stating all paths lead to God!!! Lyrics and videos associated to songs like these are not only dangerous but deny Christ Jesus as the ONLY WAY to Heaven!  The writer doesn't have to come right out and say it, the LACK of truth and the truth OMITTED does it! Far more dangerous than those who come right out and deny Christ!  IT'S SUBTLE but clearly revealed here in this critque of the lyrics!

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